Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luxury BMW 6-Series Coupe Car Concept 2011

Reviews detail specification of new luxury car design concept from BMW 6-Series Coupe we presented today. This official design pictures gallery shown about most elegant and sporty new BMW 6-Series car model. The rest of the BMW 6-Series Coupe exterior is pretty a nice evolution with new body kit and metallic color paint make this car such as futuristic vehicles. At the rear views, the BMW 6-Series’ tail with its flashy wraparound lights succeeds satisfactorily in evolving away from the Bangle butt and blends properly through the rest of the car and lineup.
As previously mentioned both BMW 6-Series elegant interior design and sporty exterior styling is regularly significant in this segment, creating the new BMW 6-Series slightly unbalanced. Although the exterior is attractive but beige, the comfort interior design is jaw-droopingly stunning. Under the glass roof, the BMW 6-Series’ concept’s interior is an eyes-wide event. Lines cross at obscure points and the materials are fascinatingly fitted purpose to create the inner realm of BMW’s GT a time consumer to look at in a high-quality way. More information about this BMW 6-Series Coupe new car price list and test drive including tuning car performance, you can visit official car website. (BMW)

Porsche 997 V-RT Car Edition Turbo Engine Refined Vorsteiner

Take a look at this new car design Porsche 997 V-RT super sport car with new innovation Turbo engine official photos gallery shown below. If you not yet see the Porsche 997 V-RT specs before, read the car press release when the car tuning package and test drive performance report also included. Porsche 911 Turbo was refined by Vorsteiner which make some creative car modification with installing an aerodynamics vehicle body kit and a set of huge luxury alloy wheels. Vorsteiner Porsche 911 V-RT car model features new body kit consisting of larger carbon fiber air intakes exclusive of fog lights as in the Porsche GT2 vehicle version. At the rear view, the tuning specialists installed, presented to buy new car font bumper with a twin-finned carbon fiber rear diffuser for the quad exhaust system.
 The Porsche 911 V-RT race car rims are three-piece V-306 20″ fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires for maximum grip at the race track as well as the public roads. The Porsche 911 V-RT engine is 3.6 litre twin-turbocharged flat-six with 480PS (353 kW) and 620Nm of torque. It catapults the car 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (manual) and the top speed is 310 km/h (193 mph). There is an optional Sports Chrono overboost package, which increases torque to 680 Nm (500 lb-ft). More information, visit Porsche official website.

Renault Latitude at 2010 Moscow Motor Show 2011

Racing car luxury style from new car 2011 Renault Latitude detailed specification review and price list will be presented at 2010 Moscow Motor Show on August whereas European motorists will can get their first close-up pictures gallery view of the vehicles design at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.  Renault car Manufacturer Company has presented the first glimpse of its latest innovative car technology international status enhancing compact family car saloon, 2011 Renault Latitude. In addition to its generous aerodynamic and sporty exterior design dimensions (length: 4.89m – width: 1.83m – height: 1.49m), 2011 Renault Latitude boasts elegant interior design, racy appearance. The car rear lighting signature employs LED technology features and harmonizes completely with the chrome rear strip that carries the new vehicles model’s name: Renault Latitude.
Based on the similar car design architecture as new car SM5 that was newly presented in the Korean market, 2011 Renault Latitude profits extensively from Renault’s engineering expertise. For improved quality and reliability, 2011 Renault Latitude comes with new innovative some of features developed and assembled to the Alliance’s highest standards and that benefit directly from the excellent results obtained by Renault on these two fronts. Tailored to meet the demand of its different markets, 2011 Renault Latitude’s specification will deliver the vehicle’s special customers a truly high-end package that will position it as the spearhead of international Renault’s saloon automotive range. What about the 2011 Renault Latitude tuning car performance and first test drive report? Check this out!